As the purchaser of items from JULCOR FLOWER SHOP, the purchaser agrees that:

1.     Delivery times are generalized to “morning (8 AM - 12 PM)” and “afternoon (2 PM - 5PM)” deliveries and no specific time specified. If you require a timed delivery, please call and message us on our Facebook page to make those arrangements.

2.     It is your responsibility, as the sender, to ensure that the recipient will be at the location of the delivery on the date of delivery.

3.   If the recipient goes home early (if delivered to a workplace) or is out of town (for home deliveries), unbeknownst to us, it is not causing for replacement or refund as we have fulfilled our obligation in delivering upon the date of request as ordered by the sender. We do not call ahead to ensure someone is home, as to not spoil surprises.

4.   A delivery fee will be added to each order; some delivery charges may vary depending on the location of the recipient. We provide same-day delivery for all orders received before our cutoff time of 3 PM in the recipient's time zone; message us on the Facebook page or email us at for orders past the cut-off time and we will try to accommodate you.